Day 1 – Annandale to Deepwater

Up stupidly early and the kids are still asleep, I go to make a coffee and the next thing I see is both of them. Not only are they awake at 5:30, they’re completely dressed!  Last of the stuff from the house packed and we’re ready to leave around 6am.  I get a photo as I normally do of the kids hanging out of the car, but this one’s a bit different as it’s pitch black.

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Day 2 – Deepwater

The kids woke us up at around 7-ish, but with daylight savings, it feels like 8(-ish). The kids go and look for the eggs, and it takes them less than 2 minutes. There aren’t many places to hide them in a caravan. The kids then eat some chocolate and have the traditional hot cross bun. Then Liam started writing some of the first Easter Sunday paragraph, and I have to say, he did a magnificent job.

*No awards for figuring out who wrote that paragraph.

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Day 4 – Hervey Bay – Day 1

Relaxed Morning, the day is overcast and a little drizzly.    Dawn has all these possum boxes around the house and most of them are full.  One is pretty close to the deck and as the morning wears on we see a little face sticking out.   While they are nocturnal, that doesn’t stop us feeding some banana to the Possum this morning.  The banana has just come out of the fridge, so when she doesn’t come out straight away for a second helping we figure it might be brain freeze.    Eventually she pops up again, and this time Caitlin gets a turn.

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