Day 4, Narrabri to Yarrie Lake

A late start (after a middle of the night wake up from Caitlin).  So we’re not out till just after 10am.  Fortunately we only need to go about 30odd km today.   We navigate the great backroads and pull in to Lake Yarrie, this perfectly round lake.  It’s about 800m or so in diameter, and only about 6’ (2mtr) deep.  We get a powered site right on the lake for only $25, bargain!  But better than the price is the location.   A beautiful day, and while only in the teens, there was little wind and it’s amazing in the sun.    

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Day 7 – Lighting Ridge 1

Justine had a fever last night, normally you’d not worry too much, but of course these are not normal times.   There are no other real symptoms, other than feeling off.   Not really sure what to do.   Given we had Caitlin tested and she was negative, and we’ve been pretty careful to keep to ourselves.  We figure we’ll wait and see.   This morning, she is better and the fever has dropped, but not gone.  

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