Day 19 – Port Campbell to Cape Otway (Aire River)

An odd start to the day, we’re not up particularly early as we’re not in any hurry.  The plan is to camp in the Aire River National park for the next three nights. While there are drop toilets there will be nothing else, a little preparation is needed. So by the time we have breaky, have showers, empty the dunny and get everything packed up it’s after 11 when we pull out.   Fortunately it’s only 70 or so Km up the road to the national park. 

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Day 17 – Twelve Apostles Marine National Park

It a pretty cold night, but warm enough in bed, so it makes getting up pretty hard.

Breakfast and I walk up to the information centre at 9, (it’s only at the entrance to the caravan park).  I must be the first person of the day and the guy behind the counter was great.   Basically said the light makes the difference, so go early or late in the day.  He pointed out some obvious stuff and said comeback tomorrow morning and we can go over anything we missed.  

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Day 15 – Port Fairy – Griffith Island Walk

A really lazy slow start to the morning.  The kids have decided to change bunks for the rest of the trip.  So Caitlin has moved up top and Liam on the bottom.   When we got the van it made sense for Caitlin to be on the bottom, and I’m pretty sure Liam wanted the “top” bunk, but now changing over seems to make sense.   We’ll see how long that lasts

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Day 13 – Mt Gambier to Port MacDonnell (Cape Northumberland)

A slow start, we’ve only got 30odd KMs to go today and as the aim is a freecamp, so it’s not the place you want to spend all day.   So we pack up pretty much at the last minute to leave at 10.  It’s around this time Justine reminds me that the water pump isn’t working. I recall there being a possible pressure issue, but not stopped completely (there is some disagreement here!). 

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Day 12 – Mt Gambier, Blue Lake

It’s raining this morning so we take the opportunity for a sleep in.   It ends up being a bit of a lazy morning.   Victoria has slammed the door shut on visitors from parts of Sydney, including the Inner West.  I go online to apply for a travel permit, and fortunately it is only for people who have been in these Red Zones in the last 14 days, it will be 14 days by the time we enter Vic, so we seem safe.  Having said that things might change at any time.

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