Day 13 – Forster

A relaxed start to the morning.  Breakfast and I lookup the tides to see it will be high tide at around 10:30am.  There is a netted swim area on the lake, not far from Mum’s.   At low tide it can be quite shallow, but is OK at high.   I thought he kids might like to jump in from the jetty, the last few time we’ve been here the water has been too low.   Liam literally Jumps at the chance, Caitlin is not sure if she’ll go in or not. 

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Day 11 – Hervey Bay to Maclean

I wake up at 5:10, I at least rest if not sleep until the alarm goes off at 6.  Quick showers and …coffee…. and collect the last of our belongings.  Finally we hitch up and we pull away at 6:50, not a bad run at all.  Through Hervey bay and a quick stop to empty the dunny.  There are three vans pulled up behind the visitors centre, it’s designated as an overnight freecamp, but for god’s sake it right next to the dump station.  Gee you’d have to be desperate.

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Day 4 – Hervey Bay – Day 1

Relaxed Morning, the day is overcast and a little drizzly.    Dawn has all these possum boxes around the house and most of them are full.  One is pretty close to the deck and as the morning wears on we see a little face sticking out.   While they are nocturnal, that doesn’t stop us feeding some banana to the Possum this morning.  The banana has just come out of the fridge, so when she doesn’t come out straight away for a second helping we figure it might be brain freeze.    Eventually she pops up again, and this time Caitlin gets a turn.

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