Day 2 – Newcastle

Well today did not go to plan

We decided to go over to our nephew’s new place in the morning before heading off to Forster in the afternoon.  The recommendation was to not take the van due to the narrow streets.   So off we set, all in the car and the engine light comes on.  Oh, Um, well….. We’re on a bit of an angle, maybe we’ll drive off and it will be OK.  Well short story was, it was not OK, while the car went, it had little power.   So we made it back to Chris’ place.

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Day 6 – Barrington Tops to Merriwa

A late start to the day.   We’re not in any hurry.    Given we’ve got full water tanks and we can top up when we empty the dunny in Scone, we all have a shower, such a luxury in a place like this.   So it’s after 10:30 when we pull out.   The road continues to be pretty rough and the potholes just seem to get bigger.   Eventually we’re on the road downhill, and it’s steep!  I’ve got awful flashbacks of a cross between French Pass in NZ in the motor home and the Mt Selwyn decent from last year.  I take most of the steeper sections in 1st gear and with the van brakes on 8.  Fortunately we don’t come across too many cars.   We finally hit the tar, phew!  From here it’s a pretty easy run into Scone.  I must admit the fuel economy coming out was heaps better than the run in.  

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Day 8 – Merriwa to Lake Burrendong

A late start and the groups on both sides are leaving today too.   Like Polblue, we’ve got water, which we can replenish in Wellington so take the opportunity to have a shower.  The farmstay has portable toilet block, there is one toilet and one shower for each the boys and the girls, so they are not the nicest and there has often been a queue.  Much nicer to use our own.

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Day 9 – Lake Burrendong

We wake and I’m surprised there’s not 10 camp sites sprung up around us overnight.  

Solar panels out to make the most of the sunny day, Given we didn’t plug in at Foster, today will be the sixth day off grid.  Given we currently don’t have the car charger too, that means we haven’t added any power while driving which we normally would do.    So far the new Batteries are a bit of a success.  

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Day 10 – Lake Burrendong

I get up a bit earlier than the rest, Portable Solar Panel out early and a bit of quite time to blog.  While there are some early birds out on the lake it’s a really peaceful morning.   Mid-morning a large group down by the lake has left,  so we take a walk along the lake edge to see if it’s worth moving.  In the end there is nowhere remotely level, so we’ll stay where we are.

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