Day 2 – Newcastle

Well today did not go to plan

We decided to go over to our nephew’s new place in the morning before heading off to Forster in the afternoon.  The recommendation was to not take the van due to the narrow streets.   So off we set, all in the car and the engine light comes on.  Oh, Um, well….. We’re on a bit of an angle, maybe we’ll drive off and it will be OK.  Well short story was, it was not OK, while the car went, it had little power.   So we made it back to Chris’ place.

Chris’ nephew is a diesel mechanic, so we call him and he agreed to come over.  In the meantime, as I’ve got a scan gauge I can get the error code from the car and I find out it’s a diesel particulate filter problem.  This should have been ok and burnt off, given the run up the freeway yesterday.   Not good.  A quick check and all Isuzu service centres are closed over the weekend.   As it turns out without the right gear there is no way of even attempting to fix it.  So we’re stuck. That farmstay we just booked for a few days time, does not seem like a such a good idea now.

Whilst it is incredibly frustrating,  I guess At least we’re in a major town and not some small town or worse.  There appears to be just nothing we can do till at least Monday.   The suggestion is they can instruct the car to force a burn, and if this does not work, it’s will be a rather expensive part to replace.

So with nothing else, we at least get to spend a more relaxing time at our nephews!

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