Day 2 – Sydney/Devonport to Launceston

A patchy sleep and after stirring several times, I wake at around 1ish and it surprisingly a lot calmer.

4:30 comes and the alarm goes off.  I can see the lights of the Tasmanian coast through the window.   Showered, and as the boat docks I get ready for the 5:30 disembarkment.  Our deck gets called first and we head down to the vehicles.  I’m a bit surprised when the crew guy points to me first to drive off.   Dark and misty, I nervously navigate my way off the ship.

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Day 11 – Hervey Bay to Maclean

I wake up at 5:10, I at least rest if not sleep until the alarm goes off at 6.  Quick showers and …coffee…. and collect the last of our belongings.  Finally we hitch up and we pull away at 6:50, not a bad run at all.  Through Hervey bay and a quick stop to empty the dunny.  There are three vans pulled up behind the visitors centre, it’s designated as an overnight freecamp, but for god’s sake it right next to the dump station.  Gee you’d have to be desperate.

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Day 2 – Deepwater

The kids woke us up at around 7-ish, but with daylight savings, it feels like 8(-ish). The kids go and look for the eggs, and it takes them less than 2 minutes. There aren’t many places to hide them in a caravan. The kids then eat some chocolate and have the traditional hot cross bun. Then Liam started writing some of the first Easter Sunday paragraph, and I have to say, he did a magnificent job.

*No awards for figuring out who wrote that paragraph.

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Day 1 – Annandale to Deepwater

Up stupidly early and the kids are still asleep, I go to make a coffee and the next thing I see is both of them. Not only are they awake at 5:30, they’re completely dressed!  Last of the stuff from the house packed and we’re ready to leave around 6am.  I get a photo as I normally do of the kids hanging out of the car, but this one’s a bit different as it’s pitch black.

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Day 10 – Lake Burrendong

I get up a bit earlier than the rest, Portable Solar Panel out early and a bit of quite time to blog.  While there are some early birds out on the lake it’s a really peaceful morning.   Mid-morning a large group down by the lake has left,  so we take a walk along the lake edge to see if it’s worth moving.  In the end there is nowhere remotely level, so we’ll stay where we are.

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Day 9 – Lake Burrendong

We wake and I’m surprised there’s not 10 camp sites sprung up around us overnight.  

Solar panels out to make the most of the sunny day, Given we didn’t plug in at Foster, today will be the sixth day off grid.  Given we currently don’t have the car charger too, that means we haven’t added any power while driving which we normally would do.    So far the new Batteries are a bit of a success.  

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