Day 2 – Hawks Nest

This is a great location for a van park, having not been here before we weren’t quite sure what to expect. I think we got lucky with the site we’ve been given.  Such a great view over the lake.  Almost like a camp site, but with the benefit of power and water.  Having said that, some of the other sites are really boggy with lots of standing water,  so I’m damn glad we’re not in one of those or it might be a different story.

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Day 5 – Dark Point 4×4 Trip

Up and a quick breakfast.   Back in the national park, there are two sections of beach you’re allowed to drive on.  While Justine’s not that keen of 4x4ing, I’d like to give it a try.   I don’t know too much about the beaches, but the recommendations are not to try and do them on high tide.  High tide is at about 2pm, so getting out there in the morning seems the better option.  

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Day 6 – Park Loop

We wake to a grey and very windy morning.  The wind is coming straight off the lake to the south and is blowing a gale.    We hunker down in the van and no one is very keen to spend much time outside.   The sunshade that we’ve got off the side of the awing is flapping around quite a bit so I work out a way with some more guy ropes to secure it better against the wind and it end up being very stable.  

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