Day 22 to 24 – The Road home


I wake around 1.  It seems calmer again, or is that maybe more the case that I’m getting used to it?   Wake again at 3:30, we’re already inside the bay.

Up at 4:30 to beat the rush.  After getting ready I go out on deck, expecting cold and windy, I get nether.  It’s actually warm.   Port Philip Bay is a millpond, I don’t recall ever seeing a body of water this big, this calm.

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Day 1 – Bass Straight Crossing.

So, a 5:30 start. It’s still dark, but as this seems to be a worker’s caravan park, there is a bit of movement around.   As I’m still hitched up, it’s a quick getaway, and I’m on the road just before 6.   Even at this hour as I get closer to Melbourne the traffic starts picking up.   Fortunately, Campbellfield is right in the north of Melbourne.

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Home to Waygunyah

A restless sleep, and when I look up my clock reads 5:30, Argh!   A short while later Justine’s reads 6:37. What the!  Then I look at mine again, 5:37, damn you daylight savings!!!!

I’m not going to get back to sleep, so by 6 (correct time) I’m up.  We got most of the van finished yesterday and we even hitched up, so a few last-minute things I say goodbye and by 7:30 I’m off. 

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