Day 18, Akaroa to home

Not wanting to cover the same road twice if possible, I find a road out via a place called Pigeon Bay.  We make our way here, and start heading down this dirt road that should come out at via port Levy and Diamond harbour.  That is until we come across a sign that says “No Motorhomes or Caravans”. I do push on another km or so, but given this is our last day, Justine convinces me to take the safe route so we backtrack and leave the Banks Peninsula via the main road we came in on…..

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Day 15 – Glenorchy to Clyde

A beautiful morning by the lake.

The two years couldn’t be more different on the snow front.  We’re starting to realise probably how lucky we got last year.  None of us are skier or the like so we don’t really want to go to one of these ski resorts and pay 100’s of dollars each for a daily lift pass just to have a bit of a play .  We find a place called Snow Farm.  We can drive all the way up there and they have these half day play session on a toboggan run.   So we make our booking and start driving over there.

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Day 11 – Grumpy Retreat (Geraldine) to Mt Cook Village

After breakfast, and while the kids have a play, I use the opportunity in the caravan park to empty the grey water and fill up the tanks.   So I’ve only got to move the van 40 or so metres.  Just that change of routine, that lapse of concentration.  I’ve left the power cord connected, as I drive off, “Snap” I’ve pull the cable out of the plug.  Crap!

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