Day 12 – Rest Day – Again

I heard some noise early morning which seemed unusual.  The place seem so safe, but then we’re behind a gate so there must be some risks.  I have a quick look out the window but I can see anything.  I hope that if it’s anything unusual John and Sarah would probably act.  There is a laneway from the beach to the private road beside our place, so it was maybe someone walking up there.

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Day 8 – Iririki Island.

We all drive into town …..that cargo ship is back…., Ken and Chris do their thing and we go to spend the Day on Iririki Island right in the middle of the harbour.  

Somehow the kids con us into an icecream then we get on the small boat to take us across to Iririki.  This is a flash resort and has prices to match.  But to visit for the day is not too bad, about $20 each and we get that credit back for meals and drinks.  

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