Day 8 – Walwa Rest Day

We get up with the view of moving on, as the morning progresses, I’m starting not to feel 100%.  I had in the back of my mind to maybe stay another night anyway.   The kids have fun when other kids are around.  With a bit of a fever possibly coming on, all things are pointing to staying another night, so we book in.   The kids are happy.  It should be a relaxing day with nothing really planned.

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Day 7 – Paddys River to Walwa

A beautiful morning and under normal circumstance we would have stayed another night.  It’s not really the place you can run a gennie for hours, and quite frankly I’m not sure how long it would take to charge everything backup.    Nothing for it, but to visit a Caravan park and recharge.  It’s about halfway through the trip so a load or two of washing needs to be done anyway.

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