Day 64 – Keep River NP to Lake Argyle

The next morning we wake up pretty early, we’re getting ready for the Goorrandalng walk, it’s only about 2km and should be pretty easy. Not long before we leave, a 4×4 drives up to us, firstly I though they may be here to do the walk too, but as it turns out they are part of the road crew and wanted to warn us of them grading the road today. He asked if we enjoyed the storm last night and even he said it was a big one.

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Day 57 – Darwin Part 5 – Sigh!

We’re up reasonably early as we need to do a full packup to take the van over to get the fridge replaced today. I had suggested to Justine yesterday afternoon should we call and confirm, she said “don’t give them the opportunity to change it!”. Anyway we’re packed up by 8:40, even at this time it is warm and so humid our clothes are drenched. Anyway we should make the 9am booking with ease.

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Day 56 – Darwin Part 4

Given we are sans fridge still and there will be no action on this today, I look at places we might be able to visit. Other than the northern suburbs of Darwin, there doesn’t seem to be much up that way. So I look at taking a drive out to Wagait Beach on the opposite side of the harbour to Darwin. It’s about an hour each way. I can now reliably inform you that there is nothing there. Maybe a few dozen houses and that is pretty much it.

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