Carcoar Dam

Bit of an unusual post, not really a holiday, just a couple of days off.  The family is at home and it’s just me taking a break after working a few recent weekends.

I finished the pharmacy move here in Orange last night, so I don’t need to head back in there this morning.  There is a dam south of here that I want to go to, so I’m in not in any super rush to get going this morning.  Speaking of morning, like yesterday is damn fresh, with close to 0° overnight.

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Day 1 – Home to Carrathool (Hay)

After waking several times, as you do when you know you need to get up extra early, the clock finally says 4:45, not much point trying to get 15mins more sleep.  Like last time Liam is up early.   We get ready in near record time and are on the road by 5:45.   I’ve got to say doing a U turn with a caravan in Clarke St is interesting at the best of time, let alone 5:30.

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Day 13 – Forster

A relaxed start to the morning.  Breakfast and I lookup the tides to see it will be high tide at around 10:30am.  There is a netted swim area on the lake, not far from Mum’s.   At low tide it can be quite shallow, but is OK at high.   I thought he kids might like to jump in from the jetty, the last few time we’ve been here the water has been too low.   Liam literally Jumps at the chance, Caitlin is not sure if she’ll go in or not. 

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