Day 108 – Kulin to Ravensthorpe

A nice quite morning. We want to hit the road reasonably early. We think we want to try and get to Esperance on the 30th, The showground is operating as overflow camping accommodation, you can’t book, although I’m told by the local Visitor’s Centre that there is plenty of room. Esperance has a fireworks display on so I want to be sure we’re OK, so arriving the day before is prudent.

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Day 106 – Albany – Day 3

Today we visit the National Anzac Memorial, which is here in Albany, who knew? Not me! We arrive early and I overhear that a tour of the grounds leaves at 10, that’s in about 20mins. While waiting the kids go berserk in the naval park, firing anti-aircraft guns at each other, ah sibling love! At 10 we turn up for the tour. I’d love to say it was great, but it wasn’t. The tour was given by a local volunteer, a really nice old bloke, but not really telling a coherent story. It was a little awkward at moments.

After this we go into the Anzac Memorial building, we get our audio devices and our card with the “Anzac” we need to follow through the war. All of this here due to the country (and NZ) sending 40,000 troops off to Europe during WWI, with the last docking of the convoy in Australia being Albany.

Given it is really just static exhibitions with lots of reading the kids do much better than I expected staying engaged. The fact that we are meant to follow the story of the person on their card, and the audio devices helped here, even if Caitlin didn’t really know what she was listening to.

After this, back to the van for a quick break.

Santa has brought the kids fishing rods for Christmas. You should see the looks I get from some other Dads when I’ve informed them the kids haven’t yet gone fishing. You’d think I haven’t fed them. Anyway….

So today’s the day. We spend 15mins driving about Albany to find somewhere that sells bait, then off to a place called Emu Point. I’m just not into fishing, never have been, so Justine sets to work with them. I’ve given the kids 30mins before they’re over it. To their credit they spend the next two hours casting and reeling in. I have to say, at no stage was any fish likely to be harmed in this process.

But they had fun and stuck it out, and no one got a hook stuck in their fingers (more luck than good judgement), although Caitlin’s dress did get snared at one point. So all in all, I’d call that success.

Back to the van and it ends up being a really cold night. We dig out our stored clothing to get hoodies and trackies.

Day 101 – Quinninup – Loop to Windy Bay

I’d planned, much to Justine’s amusement/horror, pretty much every day of this trip from the start at Forster, through to Perth. I’d allowed some “free days” to either rest up or if we found something new. But from Perth I hadn’t really bothered, as I was never sure we’d be on schedule. Oddly enough we are pretty much 100% on schedule, really only out due to lack of Xmas accommodation at Esperance.

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