Day 15 – Dig Tree Loop

Up around 6:30, not long after some mongrel in the next van up thinks it’s fine to start his generator.  The missus must have wanted her expresso….  Selfish bastards….

Anyway, It’s a beautiful morning and the creek looks wonderful.  We see another bunch of turtles come up, at least four.  They must be used to being fed as they seem to close to bank where we are.

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Fraser Island Day 4

A complete lounge around and do nothing day.   Normally I’m too fidgety to do nothing all day, but I make an exception.   I make a big dint in the Sam Neill memoir, the kids do some swimming and watch too much TV. (It’s a double edge sword that the resort Wifi seems to reach the room and specifically the smart tele so we’ve signed into our Netflix account).  Justine does some cross stitch.  As I said lazy day all round.

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