Van Bike Rack

In preparation for our Christmas getaway, I thought it would be good to be able to take the bikes.   Caravan parks are a pretty safe place to ride around in.

Initially we thought we’d put them in the van, maybe on the bed.  The more I thought about this the more I disliked it.  So started thinking about bike rack options. Trouble is bike racks are really expensive, particularly the good ones.

Anyway after some searching, I found a 2nd hand bike rack online, the same one that Wonderland use, so I’ve seen plenty mounted on the front toolboxes.  So I bought it.

On getting it back home, I found it didn’t fit across the toolboxes, on closer inspections of other wonderlands on the facebook page, I could see they mount the bike rack on some rails across the toolboxes, damn!

A bit of planning and a trip to Bunnings with a long list of hardware.  One long afternoon of metalwork (not my favorite material), more nuts, bolts and washers than you can poke a stick at and I’ve finally got it mounted, It’s pretty solid.   Much more effort than I expected, but in the end it’s at least a 3rd of the price it would have been to be professionally installed.

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