NSW Outback Plan

I started planning this July school holiday trip earlier in the year.  The initial plan was down to the Great Ocean Road and over to the Fleurieu Peninsula in SA then back home via the Grampians.  Well as an understatement, that didn’t work out. 

So plan B, couldn’t be more different.  This plan is to head up via Narrabri onto Lightning Ridge, then via Bourke out to Tibooburra and do a loop out to Cameron Corner (the place SA/NSW and QLD borders meet).  Ideally back via White Cliffs, then maybe Dubbo and home.  Talk about isolating.  Cameron Corner has an official population of 5!

Only trouble is access to Cameron Corner is actually via Queensland, which has its borders closed.  I recently found out from a facebook post from the store out there that the border gates are physically locked.  It’s a long way from Lightning Ridge to Cameron Corner to go to not actually get to Cameron Corner.  While it’s been rumoured recently that the borders would open on the 10th, with all the outbreaks happening in Victoria at the moment, every day it seemed less and less likely to happen.   To the point I was really considering still doing the run. At the end of the day it not about standing around a post in the middle of the desert, it is the journey out to the desert.  The post is just an excuse (having said that we would should be able to see the post through the 8’ high dingo fence).  Well today Queensland have announced that the border will open on the 10th to everyone who has not been to Victoria in the previous 14 days.    So while still anything could happen, it is looking promising and we might be on.

Last weekend was getting the van and car ready.   The new portable firepit I got last week fortunately fits in the rear toolbox, I was thinking it might need to be in the car.  Not only does that help by having a bit more weight to the rear of the van, it a good place to store dirty stuff, not that it’s dirty yet!

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