Day 4, Narrabri to Yarrie Lake

Day 4, Narrabri to Yarrie Lake

A late start (after a middle of the night wake up from Caitlin).  So we’re not out till just after 10am.  Fortunately we only need to go about 30odd km today.   We navigate the great backroads and pull in to Lake Yarrie, this perfectly round lake.  It’s about 800m or so in diameter, and only about 6’ (2mtr) deep.  We get a powered site right on the lake for only $25, bargain!  But better than the price is the location.   A beautiful day, and while only in the teens, there was little wind and it’s amazing in the sun.    

With the kids on their bikes, we start a walk around to a bridge over where the lake seems to overflow into a wetlands. Queue the two local Pelicans.  It was such an easy walk we push on and end up talking a little over an hour to do a complete loop around the lake. 

The great caretaker talks to us about the place and we ask about yabbies, apparently there are some huge ones, but not near the shore where we are, so it’s probably a bit too much effort given the time we have.

There are about 4 or 5 other vans and a few people who seem to be here for the day, but is just so peaceful and quite.   This is the exact reason I dislike caravan parks, places like this are just so much better.  We’ve enjoyed being here, so much more than in town, I wish we could spend some more time here, but the itinerary probably won’t allow it this early in the trip.  

We start a fire earlier than normal, it will be too cold to start it at dusk.   We’re enjoying the small fire when Caitlin points out the moon.  It is just rising over the clouds just above the horizon.   Wow, seeing the moon, so large, rising over the lake.  It so reminded us of the “stair case to the moon” in Broome, at some level I think it was better.

Anyway, an average fire, but our first in months.  So the kids make the most out of it they can.  There are about another 4 fires potted around the rim of the lake.  While where we are is great, in hindsight, getting a site, away from the centre, and all the other campers, even without power would be the way to go.

While it is really cold, it is warm in the van so it is such an great place to be.

Tomorrow, I hope the see the CSIRO radio telescope array, just up the road and head towards Collarenebri, on the Barwon River, before heading to Lightning Ridge.

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