Day 15 – Forrest Beach to Murray Falls


Wash – Rinse – Repeat, In other words a regular relaxed start to the morning. As we’re not in any hurry. Just as well, we were stopped a few times for roadworks on the Bruce highway.

We head up the highway, and stop at Cardwell. They have a pretty interesting “Bush Telegraph” museum in the original telegraph office. Sometimes these things can be a bit lame, but in this case it was pretty good. I expected to have to explain to the kids, the telegraph and Morse code, but they had an old Telstra Gold phone, “what’s that?” Ok, I feel old now.

We book in to stay at Murray Falls, this will be the first national park we’ve stayed in. So about 100km to go. Technically we can’t setup till 2pm, so we’re in no rush. We realise we really need to get more water and do the other needful things (dunny). Of course there are no places on the way, and the closest is about 20km further up the road, so all up a little over 40km extra. I hate back tracking, but we do a side trip to Tully and a visit to the Golden Gumboot, and it is pretty big.

We finally get to Murray Falls, looks like a nice campground. We quickly setup and go up to the falls. They are bigger than I expected. We then walk down river a bit and there are a few swimming holes. Now this is the business, I was expecting the water to be colder, but it was great, very refreshing. We spend over an hour there, and have a great chat to another family who just happen to live not far from Forrest Beach, “where the mozzies bad at sunset last night?” Probably could have used that bit of advice a couple of days ago!

Cook up dinner then setup a campfire, I had a little bit of drama as we scavenged a lot of small twigs, and I had a number of larger logs, but not much in-between, so it was really hard to get the logs going. I need to get myself a small axe.

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