Day 11 – Hobart Day

Showing such restraint the kids don’t really get up till just before 8.  I’ve got to say an easter egg hunt in a van is really not much of a challenge.

We discussed last night what we’d do today.  I kinda wanted to do a drive down to Bruny Island, but it would be an hour each way to the Ferry, and probably close to an hour each way to drive down to the south of the island and back.  That would be 4 hours for the kids in their seats.

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Day 6 – Swimcart Camp Loop

Overnight, we’ve left the windows open a bit.  I wake just before 6 and get a quick photo of the sunrise.  With cloud cover on the horizon, we don’t actually see it rise till closer to 6:45.

Whilst it’s nice & warm in bed, if I had the heater remote I would have switched it on.  Around 7, I get up, grab a coffee and head outside.  Wow what a difference, outside in the sun with hardly any wind, it’s beautiful, really warm.  

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Day 4 – Launceston to Anson’s Bay

Well I’m not sure you could get two different nights.  It was so warm overnight I though we might have somehow turned the heater on.  When we wake up it’s close to 20°

Up just after 7, and while we’re in no rush, it does take us ages to get ready.   We take the opportunity to fill the tanks up and we’re not out of the campground till after 10.

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