Day 16 – Nyngan to Dubbo

Nice and warm in the van with the heater ticking over all night.   Given it’s 170km, and we already booked in, we’re in no rush this morning.

One thing I really like about freecamping, in a lot of cases, while you may not have the place 100% to yourself, groups are spread out, so if often feels like you do.  This morning is so quiet, just the noise of the birds.  There were only two other vans here last night and the closest one is about 50mtr away and with all the trees you can’t even see it.

Some relaxing time looking at the water and the Pelicans, as well as a bunch on the water there must be 8 or more standing on the Weir about 200-300mtrs away.

After a hour or two, we packup and hit the road.   The driving is hard going and it’s the worst fuel economy so far, and by a margin. We stop at Narromine for lunch.   After lunch the economy improves a bit and the day ends below average instead of diabolical.

We arrive at the caravan park. Lucky we booked when we did, there are no vacancies left at all. The sites are smaller than most, we and two other vans turn up and we’re only just fitting on the sites.   Along with the narrow road, it’s a bit of a struggle to get the van in the right position.  

The kids go for a play on the jumping pillow and let off some steam. Caitlin particularly enjoys having other kids to play with for a change.

Quiet night in tonight – we hit the zoo tomorrow.

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