Day 9 – Emu Park to Flaggy Rock

Day 9 – Emu Park to Flaggy Rock

Up at 5:45 to see the sunrise, Liam is up with me. We saw a few in NZ, but it was great to see it rise over the islands this morning.

Lunch at Marlborough, it’s a small town about 1km off the Bruce highway. We stopped in, as it seemed like the only town with a shop to get bread between where we were and the next campground. Of course we had just passed a major supermarket before we made this observation. Driving in, it seemed like a one horse type town, but after we got the bread, we did a lap of the town (better than finding a place to do a 3 point turn with a 5.6m caravan attached!). We came across a great little park to have lunch and a play, for the kids of course. While we had lunch about 5 other van came and went, so it was a popular spot.

It’s about this time I realise the car is due for its 20,000km service. Of course I work this out on a Friday afternoon. After looking up Isuzu dealers further up the coast I call Townsville Isuzu and they have a spot on Tuesday. Booked! They are about 600km up the road, so this fits reasonably well with our schedule.

Tonight we’re at Flaggy Rock, a little community camping ground. Huge space. We’re parked up beside the playground and just behind the palm trees is the local pool. So the kids have gone for a dip, I’ve dunked my legs. There are showers and toilets (yes it’s a thing, some placed don’t have toilets) and it was only $10 for the night. Bargain!

The next door property must be a cattle farm, as there are a few dozen brahman cows at the fence, so the kids get to pat one of these huge animals. They look so different to the cows we often see in country NSW.

Hamburgers for Dinner ….did I just move from cows to hamburgers in one paragraph!…., after 4 nights I’m starting to get use to the weber baby Q.

Speaking of nights, the last few days have been pretty warm, around the 30 degree mark. The Air Con in car has been going all day. So it’s been pleasantly surprising when the nights have really cooled off. We’ve had no AC power the last three nights so putting on the Air Con in the van has not been an option, I guess we could have used the generator last night if we had to.

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