Carcoar Dam

Bit of an unusual post, not really a holiday, just a couple of days off.  The family is at home and it’s just me taking a break after working a few recent weekends.

I finished the pharmacy move here in Orange last night, so I don’t need to head back in there this morning.  There is a dam south of here that I want to go to, so I’m in not in any super rush to get going this morning.  Speaking of morning, like yesterday is damn fresh, with close to 0° overnight.

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Day 22 to 24 – The Road home


I wake around 1.  It seems calmer again, or is that maybe more the case that I’m getting used to it?   Wake again at 3:30, we’re already inside the bay.

Up at 4:30 to beat the rush.  After getting ready I go out on deck, expecting cold and windy, I get nether.  It’s actually warm.   Port Philip Bay is a millpond, I don’t recall ever seeing a body of water this big, this calm.

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Day 18 – Cradle Mountain to Stanley

Another really cold night, but we had the heater up a little more than the previous night and I use the remote to bump it up a bit more before getting out of bed.

We’re up a little earlier to get on the road by 9.  

We take the main highway that heads to Burnie.  There not much along this road, but plantation forests.  Closer into Burnie there’s a bit more farming and the like.

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Day 17 – Dove Lake Walk

Did I mention cold?  We had the diesel heater running, albeit, on its lowest setting last night, and it was still fresh in the van.  At least the floor wasn’t freezing.  I would have hated to see what it would have been like had we not had it running.   I think it got down to about 1 or 2° overnight.

The main thing on today’s agenda is the Dove Lake Circuit, a 6km, 2-3hr walk so it’s not like it will take all day.  The buses start at 8, but we figure we’ll let the day walkers take the early buses.

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