Day 2 – Newcastle

Well today did not go to plan

We decided to go over to our nephew’s new place in the morning before heading off to Forster in the afternoon.  The recommendation was to not take the van due to the narrow streets.   So off we set, all in the car and the engine light comes on.  Oh, Um, well….. We’re on a bit of an angle, maybe we’ll drive off and it will be OK.  Well short story was, it was not OK, while the car went, it had little power.   So we made it back to Chris’ place.

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Day 14 – White Cliffs – Paroo-Darling NP

We got up this morning, and as it’s pretty cold. Went to put the fan heater on, nope nothing.  We realised there’s no 240v power.  Liam said he saw the microwave (that needs 240) clock 20 or 30 mins ago, but it’s out now.   We overhear some other people talking about a power outage, so it’s not just us. Fortunately, like most places, its warmer out in the sun than inside the van in the morning,

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Day 12, Cameron Corner run (oh, and someone’s birthday!)

Alarm set for 7, but after being awake since 6, I’m up just after 6:30.   It’s a really fresh morning in the van as we’ve got no power for either the electric or diesel heater.  No one wants to get out from under the blankets.   Eventually we all get going.  Justine packs food just in case we can’t cross.  I get the car ready.   Just before we leave we talk to the park supervisor to see what options we have for power.  She says we can use the generator during the day and without much conviction, says she will let us know if she can allocate a powered site if someone else leaves.

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