Day 2 – Selwyn

Overnight, sometime just after midnight I wake and the heater is off again, Bugger.  The van is still warm, so not the end of the world.  The kids are in then new sleeping bags, so I know they’ll be warm and I pull up an extra blanket on us.   I would restart the heater, but on this damn Thermostat mode, it runs like a jet for 10-15+ mins, and in this quiet valley you’d be able to hear it back in Cooma!

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Day 1 – Home to Adaminaby

Up at 7, but I’ve been awake off and on since 5.

Final food and gear packed, so it’s not till 9 that we pull away.  As we’re heading south we do a first!  The M8 heading south was recently extended and there is now an entrance near The Cresent at the far end of Annandale.  So in about 2km, we leave the suburb, hit the Motorway and are on our way.  Much easier than fighting our way through Marrickville and St Peters.

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The plan was always to try and get down the snow over the holidays, the kids really liked Selwyn, but weren’t so keen on Thredbo, but in the end there just wasn’t any snow to visit.    Over the weekend I thought stuff it and arranged for Liam and I to go camping for a couple of days up the Watagans, so I booked a spot.

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Plaster and Paint

Wednesday 5th

The plumber was meant to come today so they can start to fit the bath. But he’s a no show.  At least the builders can do their bit and build the frame.

Thursday 6th

Nothing happens

Friday 7th

The plumber arrives and does he’s bit.  I wasn’t here, but I can’t see that it would have take any more than 30mins work.

The plasterers turn up too.  They sand the original work.  Then they get started on repairing the wall that was dismantled to get the hallway cavity door in and also around the bath.  So at least we back to construction rather than destruction.

Saturday 8th

Given the ceilings have been sanded, I give all the bare plaster a coat of primer and the Angus has asked if I’d mind giving the plaster around the bath a couple of coats of water proofing,  I’m happy to do it, it quite simple and will save him a trip out for what will be less than 1hour work.

So a day with the paintbrushes for me.

Monday is a public holiday, so we all take it off

Originally the tiler was meant to come Tuesday, hence getting the waterproofing done, but for some reason they’re now not coming till Wednesday.  I’m use to it by now….