Day 5 – Kayaking

After such a long busy day yesterday, today will just be mostly lazing about and relaxing.

As with most days, I setup the External Solar Panels.  We haven’t been getting the solar I’d hoped on this trip.  The sun is just a little too low to hit the roof top panels well.  The trees all around means the panels are regularly in the shade.  I often need to move the portable panels every hour or so, which of course didn’t happen yesterday.  Every day we’re have a little less reserve than the day before.

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Day 1 – Home to Ganguddy


I had loosely planned a trip out to Western NSW, Lake Mungo and Menindee lakes, but then Artie the cat turned up and the idea of being away for close to 2 weeks was pretty much out of the question.

Looking at something closer to home and a bit shorter, I thought about Ganguddy, (Dunn’s Swamp) that Liam and I camped at a year or so back.

So, we’re booked in for just 5 nights and my nephew Jono is house sitting and minding the cat.

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Jimmy’s Beach

Day 1 – Wednesday 10th

A quick week away over the summer holidays.   Months ago, I looked to book in at Myall Lakes again, but all the sites were booked out.  Then some friends from the Wonderland Facebook group put up a post about an annual reservation they have at Jimmy’s Beach (Hawks Nest) that they can’t use this year.  We ended up grabbing it, so now have a week here.  It’s about the same distance as Myall Lakes, on the north side of Port Stephens, opposite where we stayed at Nelson’s Bay a year or so back.

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