Day 17 – Tibooburra to White Cliffs

Well the tyre seems to have held.  The general consensus is to have the better tyre on the front and sus one on the back.  Thankfully I’ve got two jacks so I swap the two tyres around.

As I’ve arranged to get the tyre repaired at 9am, I feel compelled to go.  I’d be annoyed if I was a no-show.  I would mind getting a 2nd opinion on the repair job, not that I’ve got tons of confidence in their opinion either.

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Day 15 – Dig Tree Loop

Up around 6:30, not long after some mongrel in the next van up thinks it’s fine to start his generator.  The missus must have wanted her expresso….  Selfish bastards….

Anyway, It’s a beautiful morning and the creek looks wonderful.  We see another bunch of turtles come up, at least four.  They must be used to being fed as they seem to close to bank where we are.

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