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  1. Good….first reptile…long necked turtle. They tend to do some roaming sometimes and wind up well away from water…but they will only feed in water…so good idea getting it wet again. Then…2nd reptile…pity no photo…but I’m sure you’ll see plenty of repts later. hi to everyone…good to see you’re a good meal for the sandflies!!! Life in Clarke St hasn’t changed.
    Safe travels

  2. The Bush Stone-curlew….they have this bone chilling, but quite thrilling call they make at night…once heard, not forgotten. A common bird, but not commonly seen…more heard than seen. Seems as tho you were at the Whitsundays just in time for the Tiger Shark ‘cull’, or their euthanasia as one news report stated!!! You’re gonna have to start shining your brightest torch across the waters at night and see if you can pick up the red eye shine of crocs!! Yes…you’re in croc ‘infested’ areas…infested…always amused at the use of this word…why is it that only crocs, spiders, sharks, snakes and other more threatening animals ‘infest’ areas whereas less threatening animals do not….they only ‘inhabit’, or ‘are found in’ certain areas!! Anyway, enjoying your up-dates!!

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